Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunflower Shaman

Line upon line upon line
her pen drawn to
aging sunflower,
Shaman whispering
from page to pen.

Line upon line upon line,
inky mandala flows from her pen,
Fall sunflower letting go...
but is it so? When you look again,
pen dances to Shaman's tune
while dreams are given room,
bloom with each vision.

First a kneeling boy with feathers
then faces tumble, ancient measures;
she pulls harvest from her pen
then, line upon line upon line,
her pen it pulls you in...
Shamanic experience,
there and then back again.

Sunflower bends and sends
seeds of our need to dream.

"Sunflower Shaman"
Pen and ink by Tweed Meyer


  1. The drawing reminds me of Georgia O'Keefe, but is very powerful without the deep color she used. The poem lets me imagine the creation of this powerful, feminine image, as each line appears.

  2. Beautiful poem drawn on a lovely piece of art, Lorraine. As always I stand in awe of your talent.

  3. Thank you to the person after Guy...I'm sorry I don't know your name! Very kind of you.

  4. Thank you Stephanie...know that I'm in awe of all the hats you wear too, and your talent in carrying them all off!

  5. Thanks for diving in deep with Tweed and I for this piece Guy. I could've gone on for pages about what I could see...but felt to give room for the viewer/reader.