Friday, February 19, 2010

Music is Moonlight and Memories

Auntie Moon she sings
to her a lace shawl,
silver and indigo
lit from within,
like intimacy.
Her songs call my tides,
rising to her,
remembering a night
in the mountains
and forgotten
cowboy songs
with an old Indian
in his pickup,
indigo and chrome
lit from within,
like intimacy.


  1. Lorraine, this sounds like lyrics. Wish I could hear the music behind it, and I bet you have some. You have me looking up.

  2. Hadn't actually thought of this as possible lyrics...hmmmm...have to check that out!

    One of the best things my father taught me, when we flew helicopters...was to keep my eyes moving in all directions.

    This night was one of my sweetest, to put in the memory collection box. A road that ran alongside a river, in full-moon light. To spend those hours singing old cowboy songs (love 'em!) with Grey Wolf, driving back to his little place in BC.